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Fortnightly (ahem…) Q&A: How to Cancel A Broadcast

by | Infusionsoft, Q&A, Software Solutions

Fortnightly (ahem…) Q&A: How to Cancel A Broadcast

by | May 11, 2016

Some things are simple, but you just don’t know how to do it. This month we are looking at how to cancel a broadcast, which turns out to be fairly easy once you know where to look.

Shortcut: Add this after ###.infusionsoft.com in your browser bar: /Reports/searchTemplate.jspreportClass=EmailBatchSearch&view=resultsPage 


Once you’ve added “/Reports/searchTemplate.jspreportClass=EmailBatchSearch&view=resultsPage” to the end of #####.infusionsoft.com, click on Edit Criteria/Columns, and under the Misc Criteria set the status to Queued.



Under the View Report column, click on ViewStep 1


Click on Stop BatchStep 2


Click OK to stop the broadcast, Step 3

You can resume the broadcast by clicking on Resume.Step 4

There you have it, four simple steps to cancel your broadcast.

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