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How to send a simple SMS from Infusionsoft

by | Infusionsoft, Software Solutions

How to send a simple SMS from Infusionsoft

by | Jun 30, 2015

A question that constantly pops up in both the Sydney User Group and the Infusionsoft Users Australia facebook group is, “How can I send SMS notifications from Infusionsoft?”

About a year ago I wrote a simple guide to sending SMS from Infusionsoft for the Sydney User Group.  Every time someone requests it I have to go dig out the guide again, so here it is people, on the blog for eternity.

There are great plugins like SocialFuze if you want to do insanely cool text messaging, (like send a text with a link to an order form and then let your customer take a photo of a credit card instead of typing in numbers – so goddam cool) but if quick, cheap and dirty is what you’re after, this is how to do it for a few cents a text and no monthly fee.

How to send simple SMS from Infusionsoft in 2 pages or less.

This outlines how to send a simple text message. Please be aware that this doesn’t test if your account is in credit or any other technical issues on the SMSglobal end, nor does it really let you interact with “replies”.

However, if you specify your mobile number then if and when they do respond, it will go to your phone. I would use this for simple ‘add on’ notifications. You can of course log in to SMSglobal to check sent status too.

Step 1 – Set up An account with SMSglobal.com

Head to smsglobal.com and create a new account.

Follow the standard steps to validate your email and phone number. You might find your account won’t have active credit straight away, even if you’ve bought it. Don’t worry, they’re just doing the human check; we can still build and test before final approval.

Step 2 – Get your API Keys (Username and password for use in InfusionSoft)

Now go and pick up your API Keys for SMSglobal.

You can head to Settings, which is under the blue person icon in the top right corner.

Then, API Keys under the left hand “Tools” Menu.

Grab your username and password (under HTTP) and head back to InfusionSoft.

Step 3 – Add a new campaign sequence

I don’t need to take you through this, but find a suitable place to drop your SMS test. I have a little test campaign like this:
Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.55.17 am

Within your sequence, you’ll need a “Send HTTP Post”.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.55.22 am

And inside the post is where the magic happens.

Step 4 – Set up your http post

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.55.30 am

Your “From” should be in the format 61412999999.

It has been tested and will send to numbers when the contact phone is in the following formats: 0412 999 999, 0412999999, +61412999999, 61412999999.

Don’t worry about your database needing to keep numbers in a particular format. I’d leave the numbers in the 0412 999 999 so they’re easy for your staff to read. I have not tested non numerical characters, i.e. ( )and -.


Even before you have an ‘approved’ smsglobal account, you should be able to login and see messages that have been sent from InfusionSoft and are queued in SMSglobal.

You should be able to use the simple “Send test” button within the HTTP Post on the campaign builder. Top right in the screenshot above.

The simplest test would be to put a static phone number in the “To” field, i.e. your own mobile number. Then when you hit “Send test” it’s not dependent on anything outside the post itself. Once that works, you know IS is talking to SMSglobal, swap for “~Contact.Phone1~” or similar.

Once you’re sending tests this way, I’d make sure it works with the tags, as per my mini campaign above.

Then I leave it sitting in my InfusionSoft account, and whenever I need to use it, it’s there to copy-from-campaign at a moment’s notice.

If you have any questions, you can drop us a line:
christie@benelds.com.au or 0488 01 04 07.

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