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Conditional Menu Items in iMember360

by | Infusionsoft, Software Solutions

Conditional Menu Items in iMember360

by | Jun 25, 2015

In case you haven’t already encountered iMember360, it’s a membership plugin for wordpress that allows you to totally integrate Infusionsoft with wordpress and turn your website into a cauldron of goddam awesomeness.

It’s seriously powerful, and it would take a hundred posts to delve into the full capability of this incredible piece of software.

For now we’ll keep ourselves grounded and cover something simple: conditional menu items.

Despite its awesomeness, iMember doesn’t have a native way to control menu item visibility to different users.

It’s possible to install an extension and use custom user roles to have different menus appear to different types of user – but what if one user is multiple types of user? What if one customer has purchased more than one type of membership?

In that situation, which is a very likely situation to find yourself in, another plugin comes to the rescue – Menu Item Visibility Control.

Install this free plugin, and you’ll be able to set conditions for the appearance of menu items – and this plugin, combined with iMember360, allows us to set conditional menu items based on Infusionsoft tags.

You can just use tags and the conditional test for Menu Items Visibility Control of the form:

  1. “i4w_has_tags( ‘123’ )” checks if the user has tag 123.
  2. “i4w_has_tags( ‘123,234’ )” checks if the user has tag 123 OR 234.
  3. “i4w_has_tags( array(123,234) )” checks if the user has tag 123 OR 234.
  4. “i4w_has_tags( ‘123,234’, ‘all’ )” checks if the user has tag 123 AND 234.
  5. “i4w_has_tags( array(123,234), ‘all’ )” checks if the user has tag 123 AND 234.

Where do we find our tag IDs?

Log in to Infusionsoft and go to CRM>Settings. On the settings page, in the left column menu, click Tags.

The default view is all tags, but you can refine the view by selecting the tag category.

In the first column you’ll see the tag IDs.


Setting the Menus

To set the menu visibilty, activate the Menu Items Visibility Control plugin and navigate to Appearance>Menus.

Now we’ve got our tag IDs, all we need to do is add “i4w_has_tags( ‘TAGID’ )” to the visibility criteria:


This will allow us to have different menu items for users subscribed to different products:




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