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The New Infusionsoft Timezones

by | Infusionsoft

The New Infusionsoft Timezones

by | Nov 19, 2014

We’ve waited a long time for this to be released. We now have the ability to set campaign timers in our local timezone!

What it does do:

What this will allow us to do is to set campaign timers in our local timezone. The change over will automatically adjust existing timers to be inline with the newly set timezone, unless the date crosses the dateline (which for us, it will in most cases).

If this happens, then the system will prompt you to check that the calculated time is correct, and republish the campaign. Before the campaign is republished, existing timers will continue to work exactly as they already do. 

Personally, I think we should congratulate the product team on a pretty seamless upgrade!

This new ability is a huge step forward in usability, as well as a huge endorsement for Infusionsoft’s continued commitment to  the international market, but, it’s not a complete solution yet.

What it doesn’t do:

It has no effect on any other part of the campaign builder, orders or opportunities – so task creation, appointment creation, and any timestamped documents or emails (i.e. Invoices and Receipts) are still in New York time.

This means that, for now at least, invoices will still be dated in New York time, and we’ll still have to figure out when to set due dates for tasks and appointments when we’re creating them in the campaign builder.

But hey, this is a massive step forward with a seamless upgrade, so I’m not complaining, and neither should you!


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